Welcome to an old idea whose time has come… again.

“Hero Corner” started off as a resource for a website targeting the Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game “City of Heroes”.  Born from the idea of an old hero’s journal, “The Battlerock X Chronicles” eventually expanded to include reviews of hero-based movies by a character known as the “Paragon Pundit”.

Sadly, the “City of Heroes” was shut down by their parent company, NCSoft, in 2012.  The website itself pretty much faded into obscurity soon after.  Even though new stories are still being told from that world through some client-side mechanisms, the “Chronicles” site itself had no real reason to continue.

“Hero Corner” itself got started around that time on another website which was open for new content.  Inspired by online reviewers, the hope was for the author himself to transition from the written word to the visual one.  Sadly, the website changed location, and with it any interest in following the dream.

Then something funny happened.  The need was still there to share thoughts and ideas about heroes and superheroes in today’s multimedia-dominated society.

After all, superhero movies still dominate the theaters.   Live-action superhero shows are on major television networks.  There are even real-life costumed avengers, not just cosplay people, but those out on the streets trying to do good actually in hero outfits.

With that in mind, it’s time to bring back “Hero Corner”, and to do it right.

Understand that this will not be a really active website.  The author has several obligations both online and in the real world.  Those must take precedence.

But… whenever the need arises for thoughts and perspective, “Hero Corner” will rise to the occasion.

And so, we will begin with a movie review that was much-promised and was essentially responsible for the resurrection of “Hero Corner”.  The review of the first movie in the new DC Cinematic Universe… “Man of Steel”.

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