About Hero Corner

Hero Corner is a place where mainstream reviews and critiques about all things related to superheroes take place.

Heroes exist in many forms.  Some are in the pages of comic books.  Some are in mainstream motion pictures.  Some are in graphic novels.  Some are on television.  Some are even on the radio!  Some are live-action.  Some are animated.  Some are computer role-playing games where people can be the heroes they always wanted to be.

What matters is what they do.  They inspire us.  They encourage us.  They give us hope.  From Greek warriors to Persian thieves to Chinese monks to masked vigilantes to strange travelers from other worlds.  Human civilization has always had great stories of those that exemplify the best in ourselves and to stand for something good and noble.

About the Author…

David 2 is a freelance writer, former Internet radio personality, YouTube actor, multimedia publisher, and comic book creator.  He is the author of several online comic series including “Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight”, “Guardian Powers”, “Tales from Paragon City”, “The Libra Order: Debts of Honor”, “The Adventures of Galatea Future”, “Future’s Guardian”, and is currently producing the monthly series “Furia and the Guardians”.

He has also been an avid fan of all things superhero, from comics to TV series to movies.

About the Paragon Pundit…

An online guise of David 2, the Paragon Pundit is a fictional character in the now-defunct City of Heroes MMORPG.  The Pundit was more of an observer and commentator than crusader for justice.  While other heroes saved lives, he saved consciences, and asked the all-important question of what makes a hero.

The Pundit is also best known for his unique grading scale for superhero movies, grading movies on the story (books), quality of heroism (capes), and whether or not the movie was taken seriously or if it’s done for laughs (cheese).