Review: Black Panther

Black Panther – Make Mine Wakanda – A Hero Corner review by David 2 In the ten years that Almighty Marvel Studios have been doing their own productions, there have been a few really good movies.  Some were okay.  Some were clearly phoned-in.  But there were a few that truly stand out in terms of…Read more Review: Black Panther

Review: Thor – Ragnarök

Thor: Ragnarök – The Phone-In Movie – A Hero Corner review by David 2 Movie studios love making trilogies.  Sometimes they get it right.  Other times, they don’t. Sometimes a trilogy starts great, does okay in the second one, and then the best is the last. Unfortunately, all too often, the trilogy starts strong, does…Read more Review: Thor – Ragnarök

Review: Captain America – Civil War

Captain America: Civil War Or... “Marvel’s The Avengers 3: Disassembled” – A Hero Corner review by David 2 And, lo, we arrive at the “start” of “Phase Three” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  After going through a whole string of “dark” MCU movies and dark storylines, and then wrapping up with an actual “good” movie,…Read more Review: Captain America – Civil War

Catch-Up Review: The Avengers – Age of Ultron

The Avengers: Age of Ultron – The Dark Fail Continues – a Hero Corner Catch-up Review by David 2 Remember “The Avengers”?  Yeah, that was a great team-up.   Sadly it only existed for that one movie.  A great and shining moment that captured the world… and then it was forgotten in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s…Read more Catch-Up Review: The Avengers – Age of Ultron